Cleanroom Training

Cleanroom Training

Knowledge. Awareness. Behaviour.

The actual particle concentration in a cleanroom is increased by activities (particle generation) and particles entering the room through movement of personnel, materials and equipment, while effective design of airflow patterns, assisted by the quantity of air diluting the particles, will reduce the concentration or particles.

Personnel activity within the cleanroom has a profound effect on the integrity of the clean environment. Failure to properly train and inform anyone entering, using or maintaining the facility will compromise the effectiveness of the cleanroom.

Therefore, according to ISO 14644-5, you are “responsible for implementing a comprehensive programme to train all personnel with regard to their responsibilities and how those responsibilities interact with the clean environment.”

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Introduction to Cleanrooms

In order to increase awareness and promote correct behaviour, Connect 2 Cleanrooms have developed the “Introduction to Cleanrooms” course.

This half-day introduction course addresses the basics of working in a cleanroom environment and is typically conducted on site with a maximum of 8 participants.

Target group:

Cleanroom personnel (GMP, ISO), service providers in ISO and GMP cleanrooms.

Course contents:
  • how the cleanroom works (design, airflow and air filtration)
  • cleanroom standards
  • sources of contamination
  • personal hygiene
  • cleanroom gowning procedures
  • how to behave in a cleanroom
  • cleaning & maintenance procedures

Each participant will receive a Certificate of Attendance.

This training can be tailored to your specific application and needs, and we can accommodate different numbers of applicants. Please enquire about the options.

Currently this training is available in English and Dutch.

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Do you already have a training programme in place?

Get us involved and we will support you to increase awareness and influence correct behaviour.