Cleanroom Projects – May 2022

As we head towards the UK Jubilee weekend, we look back on the month of May. And what a month it has been! We attended two flagship industry events, Battery Tech Expo and the Cleanroom … Read more

Cell & Gene Therapy: A Sector Insight

Cell & Gene Therapy: A Sector Insight

In this blog post, our Regulatory Governance & Assurance Manager, Joan Benson, gives a history on the development of the Cell & Gene Therapy sector and the settings needed for the various processes. Historically cell lines … Read more

Cleanroom Projects – April 2022

Cleanroom Projects - April 2022

Just as we are due to attend Battery Tech Expo on 12th May, we have applied the finishing touches on a stunning facility in the North East of England in an industrialisation centre for electronic … Read more

Cleanroom Design and Build Projects – March 2022

Cleanroom Projects – February 2022

In the month that the clocks finally went forward, we’ve served sectors across the board—from biopharmaceuticals to aerospace. Only a few months ago, we delivered some cleverly-engineered cleanrooms for a semiconductor manufacturer in the Netherlands. … Read more

Cleanroom Projects – February 2022

It’s been the shortest month of the year but by no means the quietest. We’ve supported two companies in Luxembourg with similar requirements, but different budgets. The photonics specialist SME and the all-cargo airline both … Read more

Cleanroom Projects – November 2021

As we hurtle into the final month of the year, we are reflecting on November. The high levels of project activity may explain why we feel the last part of the year is flying by! … Read more

Cleanroom Projects – October 2021

Our team has been making excellent progress on-site, where we think we may be building the largest cleanroom in the UK. It’s hard to confirm this as a fact but our research hasn’t shown us … Read more

Cleanroom Projects – September 2021

Investment in satellite technology has been accelerating growth in the space sector. In September, we have helped to support this with a number of cleanrooms for both academia and industry. We’ve installed a state-of-the-art cleanroom … Read more

Cleanroom Projects – August 2021

We’ve been working on a Custom-built hardwall cleanroom extension for an injection moulding client that needs coverage on two 100 tonne Arburg 420C machines. Our sliding canopies provide overhead access to tooling, making our hardwall … Read more