Cleanroom Projects – January 2021

In just the second week of the new year, we’ve already had the go ahead for multiple cleanroom projects. A scientific research laboratory, an additive manufacturing production facility and a world leader in missile systems are among those companies who are investing in clean production for 2021.

With a large and skilled workforce we have the capacity to manage multiple and varied projects. Current cleanroom design and build projects in progression range from a nanomaterials manufacturer that is pioneering graphene applications to an equine reproduction facility. We also recently completed a number of projects, including an extension to an e-liquid room and a large-scale cleanroom project for an electronics company.

With the recent launch of our new Rapidbloc Cleanrooms, we can support our clients get products to market even faster. Customised cleanroom builds can be delivered in just 6-8 weeks.

What's right for your project?

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