Customised Modular Cleanrooms

Customised Modular Cleanrooms

Ultimate flexibility. Integrated Solutions. 

Developing the most appropriate cleanroom to transform your production is our passion. Our modular cleanrooms have been delivering compliance to our clients since 2002.

We innovate to overcome your contamination control challenges, resulting in new generations of modular and scalable cleanrooms that set an unprecedented benchmark in the industry.

With monobloc, hardwall and softwall enclosure options we provide modular cleanrooms to suit various applications. We'll take you through the options, benefits and recommended applications for each of them.

Customised cleanrooms
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    Monobloc Cleanrooms

    Monobloc panels achieve a flush finish cleanroom system. With lightweight construction and walkable ceilings, our monobloc cleanrooms are extremely robust and versatile.

    With a range of proprietary features, such as raceway trunking to supply services, flush glazing, doors, wall and ceiling panels, we offer custom solutions for a variety of high performance cleanroom applications.

    A true cleanroom panel, the UltraTech panel system is perfect for projects which need to adhere to the most demanding ISO classes and GMP guidelines. Each insulated panel is pre-engineered to the correct size and interlocked during installation for a clean and efficient assembly on site.


    • UltraTech panels provide a flush finish for wall and ceiling
    • Insulated panel system with a choice of cores: QuadCore, ECOsafe PIR, MF core or Aluminium Honeycomb
    • FM rated, dependant on thickness and core
    • Semi flush and flush window options
    • Single leaf, double leaf, sliding door & interlocking system options
    • Ceiling suspension systems, walkable options
    • Flooring options including coved


    • Pre-engineered off site, ensuring quick and clean installation
    • Solid construction with walk on ceilings
    • Tight joint lines achieve a flush finish
    • Designed to easily integrate all cleanroom components

    Recommended for:

    • Meeting the highest ISO & EU GMP Quality Standards
    • All sizes of cleanrooms
    • A wide range of sectors, including Pharmaceutical, Electronics, Engineering, Laboratory, Energy, Healthcare
    Modular Cleanroom Solutions Monobloc

    Hardwall Cleanrooms

    Hardwall panels create a high-integrity modular cleanroom wall construction. Panels are mounted onto coated steel frames to create robust walls, which enclose the clean area.

    Hardwall cleanroom construction is suitable for ultra-clean environments such as ISO class 5-6 clean zones, but the bright and durable finish of the hardwall cleanrooms also make them an attractive option for ISO class 7-8 cleanrooms.

    The positive airflow pushes air down through the cleanroom, allowing particles to be flushed out evenly through the low level exhaust vent.


    • Robust, impact resistant & durable
    • Easy to clean and maintain finish
    • Lets in light for ambient working conditions
    • Choice of doors or softwall strips for entry
    • Your logo can be printed on the panels
    • Allow external staff to oversee the internal cleanroom processes

    Recommended for:

    • All sizes of cleanrooms
    • ISO Class 5-8 cleanrooms
    • Mini-environments (ultra-clean environments within an existing cleanroom)
    • Medical device manufacturing, life sciences, semiconductor and many more applications.
    Customised Hardwall Cleanroom

    Softwall Cleanrooms

    Softwalls are the most economical type of modular cleanroom wall construction. Clear and flexible panels are mounted onto a robust, steel frame, enclosing the clean area.

    The PVC or Polysim™ panels overlap to ensure the walls of the softwall cleanroom are effective barriers when in position. The positive airflow pushes air down through the cleanroom, allowing particles to be flushed out through the low level exhaust vent.

    For large scale softwall cleanrooms, we recommend a mid-height rail to control access.


    • Self-closing - reduce the risk of particles entering the room
    • Extremely economical
    • Lets in light for ambient working conditions
    • Allows external staff to oversee internal cleanroom processes
    • Perfect for full or part-coverage of machinery

    Recommended for:

    • All sizes of cleanrooms
    • ISO Class 7-8 cleanrooms
    • Mobile cleanrooms (can be moved to different production areas easily)
    • Mini-environments (ultra-clean environments within an existing cleanroom)
    • Manufacturing, engineering, food, plastics, printing aerospace and many more applications.


    • PolySim™ panels

    Simplex PolySim is a non-outgassing material, an inherently static dissipative urethane that provides permanent, non-humidity dependent ESD protection for sensitive manufacturing conditions such as computer disc drives, microelectronics and aerospace.

    There is no plasticizer used in Polysim, making the volatile condensable contaminants extremely low. Because Polysim is an alloy using high molecular weight materials, the static dissipation properties are permanent. Polysim is also Class 1 fire rated per flame spread and smoke test.

    • Popular, economic option
    • Reduced static version optional
    • Non degradable in ambient conditions
    • High UV resistance
    • Available in clear and many colour tints
    • Class 1 fire-rated
    • No outgassing, no blooming
    • Permanent ESD dissipation
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Available in clear, white and black
    Modular Cleanroom Solutions Sofwall

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