Satellite Engineering Cleanroom

The project Connect 2 Cleanrooms (C2C) was appointed to deliver a 325m² cleanroom within the building. The cleanroom features two zones—one change area and one satellite engineering zone with an open plan layout featuring a … Read more

Solid-state battery production

The client Connect 2 Cleanrooms has completed a new 340m2 cleanroom facility for Ilika PLC at its 1600m2 Stereax—millimetre-scale solid-state batteries—manufacturing facility. The cleanroom is a key element of Ilika’s new facility as it scales up Stereax, to become … Read more

Telescopic Cleanroom Extending Over CERN

What did our client need? Part of CERN’s Prevessin site in France is dedicated to producing beam intercepting devices, to be used in different particle accelerators across its world-leading particle physics laboratory. This involves the … Read more

Industry 4.0 Injection Moulding Cleanroom

What did the client need? Our client approached us to provide an intelligent cleanroom solution to protect a medical device manufacturing contract that is due to run until 2032. Effective contamination control is critical, as … Read more