Cleanroom, Class II Lab & Dry Room for Testing Kits

What did our client need?

As part of a Rapid Test Consortium our client needed to scale up their production of COVID-19 lateral flow antibody testing kits.

The suites were fast tracked as part of C2C’s commitment to supporting the fight against Coronavirus.

Although the User Requirement Specification was different for each site to accommodate individual process needs, some common elements were delivered across both sites.

The project

Our project scope covered both the installation of a new 73.5m² dry room and a 75.6m² class II laboratory, as well as temperature and relative humidity control upgrades to an existing laboratory.

The 163m² facility we installed consists of 4 rooms with an access corridor and ante room for people and product flow.

We installed a mezzanine to increase the available space within the facility and house the dry room. The mez-deck features general access and utility staircases, with mid and top tier landings.

Dry Rooms & Class II Laboratory

For the dry rooms, the primary environmental requirement was to deliver humidity control to meet 10±5% RH.

This was achieved by dehumidifiers in the HVAC system, using desiccant rotor technology to dry air before introducing it to the room through HEPA filtration to achieve ISO Class 9 requirements.

A level of re-circulation was achieved in each classified environment through integrated air return panels, to reduce the processing demands on the HVAC system, controlling energy consumption and running costs.

Door interlock systems were also installed, creating airlocks to maintain the integrity of each controlled environment. The envelope system supports the tight levels of control required due to the Kingspan UltraTech Versatile insulated panel’s air leakage and U-value performance.

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