ISO Class 6 & 7 Cleanroom for Solar Cell Activity

What did the client need?

Following the construction of brand new state of the art laboratories, our client required a cleanroom to provide a stable and consistent environment for their research, as well as a larger space to co-locate all of their solar cell activity.

The extremely tight specification required temperature control to maintain 21 °C very reliably, and humidity control to be less than 30% relative humidity at all times.

The project

With an overall footprint of 114 m², the suite of cleanrooms consists of multiple zones and a classified change area.

The humidity controlled room is controlled to maintain 21 °C, and can deliver a constant humidity level of less than 30% at all times. The ISO Class 6 area is at the other end of the cleanroom is temperature controlled to maintain 21 °C.

The main cleanroom area is 11m x 6m, ISO Class 7; temperature controlled to the same level as the other rooms, and houses three gloveboxes for research requiring an oxygen-free atmosphere.

The result

Prior to the installation of the cleanroom, the laboratory was achieving 30%-70% relative humidity; however, where the relative humidity was too high the devices produced wouldn’t work. The inclusion of the humidity and temperature control ensures invaluable consistency all year round.

Our control system provides the client with the ability to regulate humidity and it provides a consistent environment in which to investigate issues, during material synthesis or manufacture, enabling them to develop a more stable baseline for materials and processes.

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