High Grade Pipe Fabrication Cleanroom with Internal Pods

The Client

MSL Engineering Ltd is a leading mechanical engineering contractor. They required a cleanroom with critical levels of control for high-grade pipe fabrication.

Process-led Design

C2C’s team designed a softwall cleanroom with zones and pass-through windows. This supports MSL Engineering’s process flow as the pipes, which are up to 3m in length, can be fed through the classified areas.

The main areas achieve levels of particulate control to meet ISO 14644:2015 Class 6 through HEPA filtration. Fully-enclosed prep and weld pods use 100% coverage of ULPA filtration to deliver particulate control to meet ISO Class 4 at the critical points of production.

Additional Features

A change area was also incorporated into the footprint of the cleanroom, providing a dedicated area for operators to don cleanroom apparel, supporting best practice gowning protocols.

Cleanroom LED lighting provides optimal lux levels for operations and jigsaw flooring was used to upgrade the existing factory floor to be cleanroom compatible.

“Bringing our concept from initial idea to design to installation was made simple from a very experienced and accommodating team at C2C. The final product delivered was to a very high standard and MSL are very happy with the product delivered.” MSL Production Director

“The C2C team were very helpful and professional during the cleanroom install process. The room itself is of excellent quality which is reflected in the particle readings during the commissioning phase. The install team were very friendly and had no issue with minor layout modifications which were requested during the build. Overall, MSL would recommend C2C for cleanroom services in any industry.” MSL Project Engineer

This case study was first published on our UK website.


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