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Cleanroom Monitoring

By supplementing cleanroom validation with internal testing, as part of a defined monitoring programme, you gain a better insight into the performance of your cleanroom.

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Decentralised Air Handling

Connect 2 Cleanrooms have designed and built over 1500 cleanrooms worldwide, so we have considered most approaches to environmental control. We typically favour a decentralised approach to air handling.

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Process Flow Design

For a new cleanroom facility, process flow should be considered during the design and layout stage, resulting in an efficient layout that meets the needs of process, product and people.

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Customer Support Documents

Cleanroom Design Checklist

When you prepare for starting a project, there’s a number of things you need to consider. We’ll help you get started by identifying the most important ones before you speak to us.

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Global Partnership Agreements

We support top-tier global sector organisations to increase quality across multiple facilities by establishing bespoke partnership agreements for integrated cleanroom solutions. Our global partnership customers benefit from time and cost savings, consistency in quality and streamlined procurement, along with the highest levels of service.

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